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Top influencers and speakers come together to share their experience in open, casual discussions available to everyone. We organize sessions in Web3, connecting emerging entrepreneurs with burning questions to guest speakers with international experience.
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VR classes for Ukrainian
students | non-profit
Lessons from American professors and speakers for Ukrainian kids of all ages, free and providing for all the technical moments. A wholenew approach to teaching by using VR platforms that are availableon VR sets, Desktop, Mobiles and Tablets. Every Tuesday and Thursday.
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Project 10: Securing Continuity of Learning : 🇺🇦 through VR technology

In partnership with the School No. 10 in Kremenchuk, Poltava region we help Ukrainian students to have access to lessons from the best educators, when there is no educational continuity in Ukraine due to unplanned daily electricity blackouts. Provided by a 3-elements setup: Starlink + Diesel Generator + VR sets. If the pilot is successful, we will expand it in Poltava Oblast and beyond it.

January 24, 2023
Field Trip to University of Texas in Dallas

We organize a field trip for Shepton High School (Plano ISD) students of 9th & 10th grade. They’ll get a tour to the UTDallas related to Art, Humanities & Technology for the VR/Gaming class of Professor Jeffrey Price. The aim is to expand kids’ knowledge about modern technology and to learn about the future careers options, with more focus on VR/Gaming.

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Blockchain for beginners in the VR platform
Speaker Christopher Sutton - an experienced specialist in Blockchain & Digital Assets.Currently holds the position of Director in the Mastercard. Previously worked in Cisco and N17 Capital. Will talk to kids about basics of Blockchain - the technology that everyone has heard about but hardly anyone knows how it works (but you will!)
Classroom Entrepreneurship + VR Development
Speaker Mark Sutler - an experienced teacher of high school entrepreneurship, game design, programming, and VR development in Ohio. He believes that the future of (formal) education is focused on contextualized real world experiences that solve actual problems, place students in mission-critical roles, and require traditional teachers to evolve into managers. He is also a winner of awards: Ohio Tech Using Teacher of the Year - 2019 and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, 2017, 2018
Investments & startups/Metaverse lesson
About the speaker: Omari Hayes is a driven 19-year old from Dallas, who loves taking chances on his dreams! He attends school at Texas A&M Commerce pursuing business finance. Currently today he is the director of investor relations for a web 3.0 startup. And he truly enjoys the everyday learning of life and finance!
AI and Machine learning for beginners
Exciting and innovative lesson with Volodymyr Kuleshov the Professor at Cornell & Cornell Tech and the Co-Founder & Chief Technologist at Afresh in the XR platform. This time we will talk about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for beginners.
VR class “The Future of energy. Green energy” | Platform Engage VR
We will talk about energy technologies, their socio-economic aspects, deployment, and impact on society! Speaker:
Tejasvi Sharma is a dual faculty member in the Sustainable and Regenerative Living and Management departments. He holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA, all from the University of Iowa.
Class in a gaming environment “Entrepreneurship”
We were talking about how to make money on your hobby, find a team and make first steps - Speaker: Darlisa Diltz - 2021 DFW Startup Evangelist/Ecosystem Builder/ Founder of Y.E.P! Youth Entrepreneurs Platform.
Meta lesson for kids in Gather ”How to start a career in UI/UX design”
Speakers were Gie Reklaitis and Tiffany Tay. Giedrius' experience is in tech startups, sales, digital marketing, coaching, and growth consulting. Tiffany is an award-winning designer, she worked her way up to many projects at big companies like Nike, Microsoft, Bowflex, and Kaiser Permanente.
Exploring VR Spatio with Family Members
Last time we enjoyed our networking in VR space, so we’ve decided to extend the invitation to our other family members, and learn new things with junior family members. We explored the VR world together with relatives and friends.
Personal Branding
This time we’ll have a guest speaker, Elena Sabry, LinkedIn Expert, writer, and founder of Career Academy. She has 20 years of experience in Corporate Marketing with multinational corporations in 4 countries (Sofitel, InterContinental, Nike, Amway).
Inflation: Why? How to deal with it?
We will have a guest speaker, Robert Litan, a non-resident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and shareholder at Berger Montague, was formerly the director of research at Bloomberg Government and associate director of the Office of Management and Budget.
Networking in Web3
Metaverse event in the Spatial: networking and sharing unique experiences in business and technologies.
Meta-networking In Gather. An immersive experience and up-to-date issues. 
Ukraine: Positive Future?
We had meeting with a guest speaker, Robert Litan, a non-resident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and shareholder at Berger Montague, was formerly the director of research at Bloomberg Government and associate director of the Office of Management and Budget.
E-commerce Trends with Joe Stefani & Joe Kaziukėnas: Ecommerce Trends & Opportunities.
Blockchain, Crypto & NFT - Trends & investments
SpaceTech - Investing and Commercializing - Present & Future - with Dr Alessandro Golkar PHD MIT Aerospace Engineering
"We have talked about Lead with Character with Benjamin Beckhart: Inspiring & engaging millennials and younger generations.
Future: Preparing our business for 2040 and beyond.
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